How to order
  • Log on to our website or click on the "Home" button on this page. The landing page will be the catalogue for South Africa. To access the catalogues for the United Kingdom, the USA, Africa, Europe or Australia and New Zealand, click on the appropriate button in the lower right-hand side of any of the catalogues. 
    Scroll down the catalogue and select an item by clicking on the appropriate order button (enlarge the image by clicking on the picture) You will now be able to view your selection in your shopping cart. Check the selected items transferred to your shopping cart and confirm. To select another item, click on "Continue Shopping " or click on "Checkout" if you have finished shopping.
    To edit your shopping cart:
    (a) When viewing the contents of your shopping cart, scroll down to access the links to "Edit", "Checkout" or "Continue shopping"
    (b) To change or edit the contents of your shopping cart, click on the link "click here to remove or edit an item from your shopping cart"
    (c) to change the quantity, edit the quantity and click on "Continue". Check the contents in the shopping cart and click on "Checkout now" to proceed to the order form.
    (d) to remove an item completely, click on the link "Click here to remove or edit an item from your shopping cart"
    (e) click on the "remove" button next to the item you wish to remove from your shopping cart and click on "continue"
    (f) Check the contents in the shopping cart and click on "checkout now" to proceed to the order form.
    We accept the following means of payment:
    (a) Credit cards - as a security measure and for your peace of mind, we do not ask for or store any card details. We make use of a 3D secure online card processing service provider who accepts most types of credit and debit cards.
    Troubleshooting tips - should you receive error messages while processing the payment, the following steps should solve the problem:
    1. Please ensure that you use a unique ref number, the same ref number can never be used again. Perhaps add the date or time after the name or an invoice nr.
    2. Ensure that there are no red warnings. If the email address for some reason was not accepted, try using a different email address to see if that changes.
    3. Clear browser cache, reload page and try again.
    4. Try using an international phone number with the international code in front( example : +41) , if the OTP could not go through.
    5. Allow enough time for the transaction to finish. Time must be allowed for the authorization, authentication and settlement of the payment.
    (b) Bank deposits - we accept bank deposits and Electronic fund transfers (EFT)
  • Fill out all sections on the secure order form and check the contents (to check the status of the security certificate, double-click on the padlock icon in the lower right-hand corner of your browser). Fill out the "Special instructions" field (if necessary) to increase the value or change the colour or style of the selected item(s) etc.

    c.   Please do not forget to enter your correct e-mail address - without it the order will not be forwarded to our mailbox        and we shall not be able to send you our banking details or the payment link of our 3D secure online card processing service provider or a message confirming receipt of your order.

    d.   Please remember to include a contact telephone number of the recipient.

    e.   Click on "SUBMIT", check that you receive a reference number on your screen, a message of confirmation in your inbox
          and leave the rest to us!

Please note that we accept orders by TELEPHONE OR ON-LINE. In all cases we need the information as specified.

If you want specific flowers, choose the product that nearest matches your choice. Convey your request then by completing the
"special instructions" field on the order form by writing for example "Only white flowers" or "Only yellow roses". 

Arrangements and other items similar to those on this catalogue are also available in other African countries, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States of America and the rest of the world. The catalogues for these countries can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link located in the lower right-hand column of any of the catalogues.

If you want to send flowers to any other country in the world, please feel free to use the contact details supplied to obtain a quote
from us during South-African business hours.