Special Occasions florist for balloons and flower delivery on a Sunday
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Sunday flower delivery in Cape Town, South Africa

To most florists a Sunday is a day of rest. At Special Occasions of Wynberg, Cape Town however, the management and staff realize that many people appreciate it if deliveries are made on the day of an event, which includes Sundays. On a Sunday only florists renting premises in large shopping centres may be open because of being forced to do so by the landlord by means of there contract.

To be a
florist with a difference, staff at Special Occasions realize that doing deliveries on a Sunday is an essential service. Many couples choose to get married on a Sunday. Brides have over time come to realize that they can rely on Special Occasions to have a fresh bridal bouquet made up on a Sunday. Candles and stands are hired out and collected on a Sunday without any extra charge. Helium balloons needed for a function on a Sunday has to be delivered on the Sunday, as it only stays up for ten to twelve hours.

Doing deliveries on a Sunday making up arrangements on a Sunday, assisting a bride on a Sunday or doing balloon
d�cor on a Sunday are all ways to show that Special Occasions strives to be a florist with a difference - even if it means working and doing a delivery on a Sunday - only within their own delivery area. To ensure that we have enough flowers in stock to execute orders for deliveries of flowers and balloons on Sundays and public holidays, orders will only be accepted for areas within our own delivery area and only if received 48 hours in advance. Please contact us in Wynberg, Cape Town to arrange for flower delivery in the Cape Town area, South Africa on a Sunday or Public holiday.